”Have you ever wondered how many kinds of luxuries are there? I’ll tell you: many.”

Today I’ll introduce you in the “Futuristic-Urban” Luxury sphere.

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I hardly sat down in front of my laptop after a month of complete relaxation…. Most of the people relax when it’s summer, when the scorching heat is spreading over the town… not just over Timisoara of course, but over all cities in the northern hemisphere. I don’t. I “go on holiday” during the transition period between winter and spring. Since the hotels and the places don’t dim their beautifulness depending on the season, I have kept the most beautiful items from the category Travel & Reviews for the days ahead. As of today, I will tell you about the other side of Wien, which I discovered in 4 winter days of February. So let me introduce you to the beautiful world of Avant-garde-Futurism:

Three years ago, while we were driving along the streets of Vienna, I have taken a picture of a tower, picture that I found in my computer last week. I captured it probably due to the design of the tower, or probably because I had been surprised of its height… And I bet it happened to you to see a certain building, and in the future to closely get to know that place. Destiny… I would say it’s a deja-vu but it is more than that. “It is a glimpse into the future.”

I can’t tell you how it is to approach a building and how are your feelings enhanced when you’re getting closer, because in February when I arrived in DC Tower, I saw the tower from inside out first, because I had my eyes closed until I reached the underground parking. DC Tower is equipped with multiple elevators, some bordered by windows while other are no see-through. I was in one window-bordered elevator while I was holding the access card of room 1518. The elevator was going up and the city remained ‘under us’ and was getting smaller and smaller… I knew that hotels number their rooms with the floor number + room number per level. Since we were still going up, our room could not be on the 1st floor… it was clear we were going on the 15th floor. When the elevator opened the doors my supposition was confirmed by the ’15’ number from the bottom of the hallway. I entered the room by approaching yhe access card on the dooe and what followed seemed detached from a movie… All the lights were turning on and the front wall of the apartment began to rise slowly. The suite of 89 square meters was looking incredible in that moment: the floor of a dark brown liquid shin, the black sliding doors between the rooms and the panoramic view formed by the two open sides, left the impression of an infinite space. So we were on the 15th floor of a building, but I wanted to know more… Where was I??

Melia Hotel Vienna is part of the hotel chain Meliá Hotels International operating under its 7 brands. It is located in the highest skyscraper of Austria and has 253 rooms, of which 25 are design-suites. The hotel spans 15 floors of the total area of ​​60 floors. To the 15 floors we add the floor 57 where the Restaurant 57, the SkyBar (on a higher level) and The Level Lounge are positioned. About the 57 Restaurant and The Level Lounge I prepare review-type articles in the days ahead. Two hotel rooms are standing out because their exclusivness: the Presidential Room (214 sqm) and the Master Suite on the last floor of the hotel, which I am pleased to present you now.

The Master Suite offers the following services and amenities:


  • 24 hour In Room Dining
  • Concierge service
  • Daily turndown service
  • Laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service
  • Secretarial services
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Personalized VIP treatment
  • Private check-in and check-out service
  • Early check-in and late check-out
  • Pillow Menu
  • Aroma Menu


  • Surround sound system in bedroom and bathroom
  • Living and dining area
  • Work desk with full AV and interactive connectivity
  • 2 Ultra slim 46” LED IP TV
  • Media Hub HD station: Video media, Stereo Technology
  • Individual climate control
  • Custom control mood lighting
  • Laptop sized safe with charging capability
  • Premium bathroom amenities
  • Rain shower and separate bathtub
  • Minibar
  • Nespresso coffee machine
  • In room complimentary daily newspaper
  • Printing / IT service
  • Access to a private lounge and meeting space for 12 people

As I said in the beginning, there are several types of “luxury”, from the baroque one to the elegant all-white type. Each type has its own specifications and its own “followers”. Melia Vienna focuses on the futuristic avant-garde style, respecting the exterior geometric design of the building. Vienna is indeed a royal city, but equally it is an industrial one, is a world business center. Melia welcomes the office trend successfully, offering its customers various seating options at the right price, because believe me, you will not find a hotel, across the Austrian capital, more perfect than this. The price of rooms varies between € 125 and € 225 and the price of an apartment varies between € 325 and € 3,500. And so, the 5-star hotel offers its visitors an “exotic” experience right in the central Europe. The hotel is also studded his its experienced staff who manages to make from every customer a king. Below I have prepared some professional images with the location, from outside and from the inside of the Master Suite and a bunch of photos I’ve captured breathless. Hope you’ll enjoy them, because you know, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Melia is a subject which I will split in several articles because I have so much to tell tell you about it. I think, however, that you can enter more easily in my world and get to know what I felt in those days by reading the following lines which I wrote down on the little notebook from the hotel’s desk:

“I have arrived at the hotel. I stil don’t know where am I exactly, but I will find out. It is beautiful… and I’ve never seen the word “beautiful” saying so little about one thing. The location is suffocating, intimidating. Everything is like this… the staff, the view of the city in night lights… Earlier at the door was a short knock and when I opened the door, a gentleman entered the apartment with a champagne ice bucket and a plate of strawberries wraped in chocolate, wishing us a pleasant stay. Maybe I should write more often in this way, like, more personally… Is this how writers feel? Probably. Probably what I feel at this moment is intensified by the place where I am. There is little time until the dinner from the Hotel Imperial and I can not take my eyes off from the windows from my right or from the enormous bathtub from my left. Music comes from everywhere and I can control the lights from here, from the desk. The window behind exposes the Donau Turm, where we had dinner three years ago… hm… how small seems the tower from here and how small seemed all the things from out of it.”