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I like to call this part of my blog “Adrenaline” because that’s what I feel while driving ❤ I like to drive and to travel and those are the stories that are worth to be told and you’re the person to whom I wish to open myself about all those experiences. Call me a travel blogger or an automotive one, but still, none of them will be sufficient to describe my “drive” to write about this subjects.

JAGUAR F-PACE eye-test

JAGUAR F-Pace Review Compact Luxury Crossover SUV Choose English/Română from the Menu ↑ Play here >> ? ”Jaguar F-Pace, un SUV cu ADN de mașină sport.” Jaguar este un brand al mașinilor elegante și sport, iar F-Pace este...

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Meliã Vienna 5★ Experience

”Have you ever wondered how many kinds of luxuries are there? I'll tell you: many.” Today I'll introduce you in the "Futuristic-Urban" Luxury sphere. English/Română - Select language from the MENU/Selectează limba din MENIU Play: 1-Instrumental or 2-Soft feminine...

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What is Love?

This is a philosophical post, written from the bottom of my heart. 1.English/2.Română 1.English Have you ever wondered what's love? I did. Many times... and every time I think about it I'm falling into depression, I'm questioning the sense of...

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Mercedes-Benz & Timisoara – Sweet 18

”Choose the experience!” ”Alege experiența!” Majoritatea oamenilor care răspund "nu am timp" sau "sunt ocupat", o spun cu o oarecare tristețe pe față. Eu nu. Eu o spun cu fericire din cauză că iubesc fiecare lucru care mă ține...

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Final Chapter 6 – Photo Album

Currently obsessed with this piece of art. A little bit too sad for my tastes but focus on listening to the sound, ignore the lyrics. That's the last post from my Summer Travel Advice Series, and it's just a Photo Gallery-Post,...

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4. Evening on an island

“Fly without wings; Dream with open eyes; See in darkness.” ―Dejan Stojanovic RO version (English coming soon) Dacă cineva m-ar întreba în acest moment care este dorința mea actuală, aș spune că mi-aș dori ca ziua să fie...

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3. What to wear on summer holiday

  [ezcol_1half] EN: Do not disturb a woman every half hour if she said she'll be ready in 5 minutes. We all were in a trip, even we were just once in our lifes. Each adventure is different... but there are...

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2. How to spend a day-time on a holiday

[ezcol_1half] EN: A few days ago, the weather makes me think about fall... You know the saying: "What a beautiful fall this summer is!". But I love it! Autumn is my favorite season, and I never considered August as a summer month. I like to wake...

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1. How to pack & plan your itinerary

    [ezcol_1half] EN I don't know how popular is the song from above, certain is, however, that it is in the Shazam Top 100 Greece, and I heard it non-stop there on the radio. And I like it... I like his voice even if the lyrics are...

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