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All I want is to spread beauty across the world.

this is my diary.

Here I write and inspire. At least… I aspire to inspire. I see beauty in everything and the main reason for which I created this blog was to try to make other people see the beauty that hides in our life. Here are some of the main subjects that I love to write about:

Lifestyle & Love

Lifestyle: that’s such a small word for describind something so… universal!

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion is a present touch of a personal style and beauty is everywhere… My mission is to help you see them in every aspect of your life.

Travel & Cars

Fast cars and shooting stars… We might share different passions as human beings but in the end we are all part of the same planet.
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Romania – Timisoara

1. How to pack & plan your itinerary

    [ezcol_1half] EN I don't know how popular is the song from above, certain is, however, that it is in the Shazam Top 100 Greece, and I heard it non-stop there on the radio. And I like it... I like his voice even if the lyrics are somehow......

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Thank you. All of you.

How should I start...? [ezcol_1half] Ro: În primul rând cred că ar fi trebuit să includ articolul în categoria mașini, deoarece mare parte din el se referă la ele. Totuși, având în vedere lipsa mea de pe blog și evenimentele care s-au mai petrecut între timp, m-am...

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Roadshow finale

"Why do we like being happy?" Melodia de mai sus am descoperit-o foarte recent, pentru că, spre rușinea mea, timpul nu-mi mai permite să ascult radio, să mă uit la TV sau alte cele. Este o melodie frumoasă, cred că vocea...

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“There are three roles in a show: the organisers, the artists and the public. Life’s a spectacle. Choose your role.”

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