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Dear roses, I have such great news which could be taking you to Netherlands or other 5 culinary countries. If I raised your interest, then let’s talk about how this trip can become a reality!

It’s no secret that I like soups and also the fact that… I do not have time to always prepare them as I should. If I like something more than a soup or a portion of pasta, then it would be a combination of the two! And if I could get this quick combination be warm when I’ll be serving it, I could be so happy! You see, happiness lies in the small things… for most of us, it could be the moment we allocate ourselves when we arrive late at home after a (way too) long day. My mother has a saying: “come on and warm yourself up first and after then, you can take care of the rest of the things you have to do.” That makes me happy every time when I hear it! To stay with her after a long day, talking by a portion of noodles, means almost everything to me.

Rollton is my favourite for many reasons. Mainly because when I first tasted it, it was given to me by my father, who brought it from abroad. It had a spicy chicken flavour, but hey, it was from him and the fact that I don’t eat spicy food turned out to be suddenly a myth. Since then, Rollton’s quick noodles and especially the spicy chicken flavoured ones are my favourites now. I always have 1-2 sachets in the kitchen to “attack” when needed, and since today, it also gives me the chance to travel to places that I have not personally seen. I believe in promotions and that’s why I decided to write about it especially because it comes from a brand I consume frequently. I always organize contests for you, the roses of this blog, and someone always randomly wins, because I want to give you more, just like the brands that do promotions. I personally won my first test-drive-weekend 5 years ago. The conclusion is simple: whenever you see a competition or a promotion in which you can participate, do it! Do not miss anything and gain the chance to enjoy even more from your favourite brands.

These days, Rollton made me happy as a child! I am glad that products that are such familiar to me, come with prizes for everyone! The promotion runs from October 1st to December 31st (2018), and the participating products have a blue band on the right of their packaging. The campaign is called “Follow the fork” and the three types of products that hide
a promotional code are those small 60g packs of Rollton that tastes like chicken, spicy chicken or vegetables.

Oh, I assume that you want to know more about the prizes, aren’t you?? The prizes that you can win by participating are: tasty boxes (… mmm maybe something interesting and useful is in there), JBL portable speakers and (wow wow wow my wish) touristic vouchers to one gastro-tour in one European country!

For all the details of the promotion, see the rules here:

We are businessmen, students, professionals in our fields, but no matter who we are, we deserve a moment just for us.
I’m expecting you for some noodles and let’s follow the fork together!

With love,
Roxi Rose.


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