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How many of us we’re not tired of cold and windy weather, we’re seeking for our beloved summer, or want to be at this point on a chair with the Big Blue Sea stretching to infinity in front of us? And yet, the good news is that summer will visit us sooner this year, and several regions of the country already had met with her. I at least, I welcomed it properly by doing my first sunbathing, on my green towel in my… same-shade-of-green garden, in those 31 Celsius degrees that Timisoara experienced last week. Unfortunately… the first rays of hot sun caught unprepared, because only God knows where I found my swimsuit and the other things. And so, I was sitting kinda bored on my towel looking at the sky, thinking about the upcoming summer, about my bathroom suits that got me bored already and about the 1st of May.

18 days. Those days remained until the 1st of May. May 1 this year, has a dual meaning, since two celebrations, one religious and one international, will override this date. So, whether you are an Orthodox or a workman or both, you probably can’t wait that day anymore. And if you also have Romanian blood in your veins you might already feel the smell of barbecues and fresh Fabio cucumbers salad, isn’t it? ?

Coming back, I mentioned that few days ago I thought about this summer’s must-haves: the swimsuits. I got my phone, I turned it on, swithed my position to a side and searched all over the Internet looking for “news from the fashion world about swimwear”. Then I said to myself that I must share with you those news I’ve read about. Synthesizing, 2 aspects will help us this year to find out “who is fashionable on the beach or by the pool”. In terms of color, Mono, Flower-Print and Retro prints dictates the trends and speaking about the materials we consider the Net-Like Stings, the Bustier Tops and the high waist Bikinis in the style of 50’s – 60’s.

An image worths a thousand words, so I’ve opened dozens of tabs in Chrome and I found exactly that I wanted to examplify:


[ezcol_1third]swimsuit trend costum de baie ieftin se poarta plasa sireturi linii wildfashion blog blogger roz cu dungi[/ezcol_1third]

[ezcol_1third]swimsuit trend costum de baie ieftin se poarta plasa sireturi linii wildfashion blog blogger roz cu dungi[/ezcol_1third]

[ezcol_1third_end]swimsuit trend costum de baie ieftin se poarta plasa sireturi linii wildfashion blog blogger roz cu dungi[/ezcol_1third_end]

I found the swimsuits from above on, among other 900 swimsuit models! Those 3 models incorporate elements that SS16 trend focuses on, a trend that has been presented on the big international catwalk scenes. Let’s take them one at a time and see which bathing suit fits you the best:

costum baie forma corpului clepsidra ce purtam mar dreptunghi para

Costume de baie în funcție de forma corpului RO

body shapes swimsuit body shape your what to wear bathingsuit

What swimsuit fits your body shape EN

1.The Mono Swimsuit with Net-Like Strings

Above I posted a quick sketch representing the basic rules for choosing a swimsuit in terms of the cut that fits your body shape. This swimsuit is the simplest and most universal one, because it fits almost any body type: If you bust is up to C cup I truly recommend you this suit, if you have short legs you can rise the bikini across the pelvis (example 3), and if you have long body the top will create an illusion of equality on your waist (example 1). We must also take into consideration that the pink quartz is the Pantone color of the year… I’d wear it with turquoise + other neutral shades, as in the collage below:


2. The Swimsuit with bustier top and flower print

This cut is ideal for all forms of thighs and for small to medium busts. If you do not like how the lateral bows, which binds the slip sideways, emphasize your hips, then this bikini is perfect for you (example 3). It is super comfortable, it offers more security and it provides visual continuity on the waist and thighs. As about the top, this bustier-type top visually widens the bust (example 3) therefore would not be appropriate for people with big busts, but for those with a small to medium bust because it leaves no space in between, increasing the apparent width of the bust. On the other hand, the flower-print returned this year in force, so if you own or will own such a suit, you’ll be able to combine this color with any accessories, leaving you completely free to choose the shades that will complete your beach kit:



3. The Retro Swimsuit

This is a combo, I say it straight! 1). It hides your belly and at the same time it flattens it 2). It gives you a wow look and will make you noticed, because not everyone has the courage to revive the trends from 50 years ago and 3). Its retro print is chameleonic, so the suit can be combined with any type of accessories, particularly those bold and chic. If I were to do now the shopping for this suit I would immediately choose a towel in black and white stripes and a bunch of colorful and stylish accessories from oversized hats to the cat-eye glasses to. This all that Summer is about, right? Colorful, vibration and style:

beach3 beach3s

I kept the good news for the final: Let the 1st of May to get you ready because all the 900 swimsuits from have the lowest rates on the market, believe me. The financial aspect is very important, because you do not want to wear three days in a row the same swimsuit but you want to change several suits between them or combine them. You will not find anywhere in peak season so many swimsuit models at prices starting from 29 lei (8 Euros). If you order over 150 lei (34 Euros) the shipping is free anywhere in the country, and furthermore, sometimes on weekends the website offers free shipping regardless of value, so keep your eyes on them! ?

With Love,

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