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Dear friends… This post is written only in English.

First of all, in this last day of 2017 I am going to tell you that I am about to make some changes on this website. When I originally started to post on it, I tried to maintain myself as authentic as possible and as you can see, I did it. But. There are some aspects that I neglected and I will change them starting from… well.. last week. :)) I always started my articles with a song on their harder but the way I’ve chosen that song wasn’t always 100% authentic for me. A lot of the times I picked a song based on what you loved to hear daily, but that’s not me. I love Trance. So much, that I changed my Instagram and Facebook profiles to match my personality. I love PSY Trance, especially. Because of my tendency of being 100% authentic to you, about me and my views, from now on, I am going to only post music that I really love, no matter of what some readers or some collaborators will say.

And that is exactly what I advice you to do in 2018!

Be authentic. And don’t change for anyone, only if you love them.

Start building yourself, based on your past and your visions about feature. Start becoming your best version and start loving life at it’s fullest! If you plan to love, do it as tomorrow never comes. If you plan to change your job, do it as if you were a millionaire about to change it’s hobby. If you’re about to change important aspects of your life, do it, but do it for the ones you love. I assure you that in this way, your growth will be healthier and there will be extra motivation for you in the process. I strongly believe that we are born alone and we die alone, but our life should be shared with the others. Otherwise, every individual would have it’s own planet. Isn’t it? :)) Love your parents and take their good advice into consideration. Love your love, and build a future together, not separately. Love your pet, and praise the fact that it was you to give it a home and a happy life to live.

I want you to learn from the past, to change it if you can and look to the feature by letting it show you the right way.

That’t also the way that fashion works. It takes the best from it’s past and it creates a 2.0 version of it according to a futuristic vision. To explain myself better, in collaboration with NA-KD Fashion I want to show you how fashion changed from 80’s to ’18’s. I want to compare through some photos, the best trends of those two periods of time. I want to show you that evolution is good and it’s healthy, but… only when you do it with purpose. I managed to bring back to life an 80’s look, here it is:

Now, I want to show you my vision of the 2018 fashion trends. They might be summed up like this:

You can find all the products here: Yellow Sweater, Raw Denim Kimono, Basic Sweater, Jacket (without fur).

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You can find all the benefits of shopping on, here, in my first article about them. See you on Instagram! Don’t forget to use #nakdfashion on your photos and follow them on @nakdfashion 😉

Happy NYE!