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“Jaguar F-Pace, a SUV with the DNA of a sports car.”

Jaguar is a brand of stylish sports cars and F-Pace is the first SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle, car capable of running on unfriendly surfaces, light-truck) ever produced by Jaguar and sold to clients. It is the real version of the C-X17 concept, concept that you might have seen making headlines on the Internet about 2-3 years ago. He follows the dimensions of C-X17 and the dynamic lines of F-Type. F-Pace is the family car, family (category) which is composed of six models, each one of them with specific features in accordance with the main-served purpose. In ascending order of the number of features and price, from left to right, these models are: Jaguar F-Pace PURE, PRESTIGE, PORTFOLIO, R-SPORT, S AND FIRST EDITION. The models range from € 40,000 excluding VAT (PURE) to € 86,000 with VAT included (FIRST EDITION) and so exceeding the price of the SUV models from Cadillac, Porsche, Lexus, respectively XT5, Macan or RX.

While the model PURE offers from 180 to 340 horsepower, FIRST EDITION varies between 300 and 380 horsepower. Oh!

Now pay attention: those that drive with passion, from PURE and up to R-Sport, Jaguar offers a manual model with 6-speed transmission. The less interesting part is that this equipment is only available for the diesel engine. The diesel engines theoretically reach a hundred kilometers per hour in 6.2 seconds, while the cars that have as a fuel the gas, reaches 100km/h in 5.5 seconds. The driving mode switcher is in round format and the gearshift consists of two paddles. On the other hand, I want to tell you about the impressive array of colors that Jaguar has allocated for its SUV: 14 actual colors from PURE to S and other two special colors for FIRST EDITION; In summer 2016 Jaguar will add two further colors to the basic palette.

Let’s leave the general aside and move on to specific, where we talk about the Jaguar F-Pace PORTFOLIO model, which I admired at ExpressLine Timisoara last week:

As you approach the dealership store, the model “jumps in your eyes.” The first SUV that Jaguar ever launched for sale is represented in Timişoara by a PORTFOLIO model. The model had metallic-white color at the exterior and “Espresso” with Ebony Veneer in the interior, 180 hp diesel engine, iluuminated thresholds customized with the word JAGUAR, with the characteristic horizontal ‘J’ headlights, with configurable ambiental lights and 22” 9-spoke Turbine wheels. Overall, the model is very spacious, both in front and in the trunk, even if the model is not a very tall SUV. F-Pace is the car that will turn all the heads from the street when you go out in it, thanks to the classic Jaguar design and it’s aero-dynamic lines. As the article title said, I only had the opportunity of an eye-test, but probably over the next few months the model will be available for a drive-test and so I can experience what the model has to offer in terms of driving experience. But until next time, I invite you to enjoy the photos of PORTFOLIO, The F-Pace exposed at ExpressLine dealership Timisoara:

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