BlackBerry Key2: Love at first sight.

About BlackBerry.

Around 2011 I started showing interest in my own mobile phone and the features such a device provides. I knew exactly what I wanted even though I had never quite had „that” thing. I was looking for a phone with both a keyboard and a touchscreen, but also one that was different from what everyone else had. As it happened, a very courteous man who was working for the mobile network operator whose shop I was in at the time suggested the Blackberry Torch to me. It was love at first. It was… the beginning of an obsession.

Back then, the BlackBerry Torch came with a special internet plan, meant for BlackBerry services only, which you had to pay an additional sum for; but that combination between the touchscreen and the QWERTY keyboard made the financial effort worth it.

After a short while, a new BlackBerry was launched on the market, this time encompassing all of the features of the new mobile phone generation: a very sensitive touchscreen, an ultra-stable operating system and access to the most important apps in the world by means of the Amazon Store.

A few years later, I spent my very own money on something which I had longed for from the very first moment I had laid eyes on it: a Priv. BlackBerry Priv was one of the very first BB phones with an Android operating system. It combined the characteristics of the usual QWERTY phones offered by Blackberry with the newest market trends in the most balanced way possible.

And now here I am, two years later, lovingly writing to you from my BlackBerry Key2.

An Icon Reborn.

” The most intelligent keyboard ever, and a battery that lasts up to 2 days, all on the new BlackBerry®KEY2, powered by Android.”

This is how BlackBerry describes this device in just one sentence; if you ask me, though, I’d say an entire article is not enough to cover it all…

When you pull a BlackBerry out of your pocket, everyone stops in their tracks and turns around to look at you. It’s all about those 7 tiny shapes on the back of the phone which have made it possible for absolutely everybody to know exactly what that is you’ve got in your hands: a symbol. A symbol which stands for “serious” people, sophisticated and responsible people; a symbol of the business environment and of all those who believe in themselves. BlackBerry is more than a renowned brand. It is a historic brand, one which continues to maintain its personal identity while also keeping pace with today’s technological breakthroughs. Key Two, the highlight of the present, sets out to prove every one of those things. And I am here to tell you about my own experience with it.

What’s Key2?

Key2 or Key Two is the latest BlackBerry on the market. It was launched two months ago and currently represents the flagship of this enormous brand. Key2 is the most secure device in the world and it is aimed to please all business and office enthusiasts. Of course everyone can buy a Key2, but only a handful will identify themselves with the reputation that comes with such a phone and that is also required by such a phone, remember this.

This smartphone is iconic, as it stands for the evolution of BlackBerry and, at the same time, it is meant to meet the expectations of every one of today’s businessmen.

If you click this button, you can find out more about the phone on its official website. But if you are also looking for a subjective opinion on it, I suggest you keep reading this article.

Let’s start with the main specs:

One of the most important aspects is the outer one: Its "masculine" and simplistic appearance will always attract all eyes. I just love it, and now the BlackBerry comes out of more durable and lightweight materials. At the same time, it offers the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for its end-users.

Screen: 4 inch and a half of Gorilla Glass, impact resistant.

Series 7 aluminium alloy frame.

Textured diamond grip non-slip back.

Charge less. Use more. This is the slogan that seems to have guided the creators of Key2: long uninterrupted periods of productivity! Key Two has a battery that lasts up to 2 days which charges faster than the majority of devices available now on the market.
On the keyboard we can find the new Speed Key, which makes it possible to switch between applications extra fast for extra productivity. You do not have to go back to the main screen, just use the shortcut key to quickly navigate exactly where you want! In addition to the Speed Key, BlackBerry has the most intuitive and intelligent keyboard of them all: You can swipe left to delete words, "throw" words up or simply scroll up and down the entire screen of your phone directly from it.
The new cameras offered by the Key2 work together to ensure such a great picture quality that it becomes extremely difficult to differentiate a photo taken with a professional camera from one taken with the phone. For real! All of my recent close-ups were taken with this smartphone, because I simply love its Bokeh effect… It’s just beyond words! Natural light, along with the appropriate camera settings, turn your Key2 into a professional, always-at-hand camera! Apart from other key features, the Optical Super Zoom technology and the portrait mode are also built-in.

I love it because..

It gives me confidence.

It makes me feel proud, because, let’s face it, not everyone chooses a Key2 when there are so many other massive influences around. Not everyone prioritizes productivity to the detriment of video games and wasted time.

It makes me be productive.

The wide range of productivity apps built in this device can turn anyone into an efficient person. BlackBerry HUB is the most useful app you can find on a BB, as it will not allow you to neglect your targets.

I have my professional macro camera in my pocket.

Given the fact that I work as a blogger, it is absolutely essential for me to be able to take professional-looking photos anytime and anywhere, in the easiest way possible. Key2 comes with a camera that turns the “perfect” selfie and the macro with a creamy background into a reality.

It give me the best typing experience ever.

There is no other smartphone on the market which has or will ever have a keyboard as intuitive as that of the Key2. We are talking about a completely different level here, one which most brands can only hope to reach.

Oh, and one more thing...

Key2 provides the most secure way of locking your screen. It is my ultimate obsession: the Picture Digit Password. For all those who are not familiar with this concept, this is something you will not see on any other smartphone, and it helps you make sure there will be no wandering eyes digging up your secrets. But we will talk about all of this in the next article of the My BlackBerry Journey series. Stay tuned!


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