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Roxi Rose.

22. Business Woman.

And everything else.

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About me:

“There are three roles in a show: the organisers, the artists and the public. Life is a spectacle, choose your role.” -Roxi Rose

Past Collaborations: Mercedes-Benz Romania, Jaguar Romania, CinemaCity, Reserved, Uniconf, Lidl Romania, Starbucks Romania, Nivea, St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel Athens, Diamond Suites Thessaloniki, Rowenta, Passiana New York, Soufeel, Expo Riva Schuh, Starskin Beauty, Dainty Jewells, Green Future Romania, WildFashion, Bonprix, YO,,, Farmec, Sweet Cecily’s, Flo Accessories, Garda Hotel Forte Charme, Gino Pedrotti, Posterlounge, Modern Map Art, Zaful,, DrivePocket, Royal Bluetique,, Nakd Fashion, Nordics.

How Roxi Rose fashion blog Romania started:

I like to inspire and to create. Thinking that “everything on Earth, was created by people”, I always throw myself in the unknown of new opportunities. I finished the best highschool in the West of the country, Colegiul Național Bănățean section Mathematics-Computer Science Intensive, without having the slightest clue at that time about how helpful everything that I learned will prove to be. I attended Law School, and in fact I still am, a faculty that changed a lot of my conceptions.

The creation, designed so as to be perceived with any one of the 6 senses in our possesion, appears from passion, study and a lot of hard work. I respect the people who go above and beyond in order to see their dream come true and consequently, I respect myself. We live in a hungry world because of the disappearing moral waves, a world in which I find myself as a soldier fighting against imperfection. Perfection is unachievable, however it can be searched for. Who is there to stop us? It’s nice, and depending on each case, frustrating if you think that your life depends solely on you and your decisions, because the choice is yours: your life can be tangent or divergent to perfection. If there is a way for me to inspire the people around, that is by being myself.

I am complicated, in short, considering that I couldn’t exist whithout being a lover of beauty, without writing and without being a blogger; I couldn’t exist without being an antrepreneur, without being an introducer, without organising everything from the agenda to the events, without painting or without creating everything in my power to create. A part of me is attracted to politics, another one to fashion and innovation, however, no matter how many opportunities I will encounter I will remain always focused on respect and rightness because I too, like people who are honest with themselves. Therefore each and everytime you will decide to read an article featured on this blog, regardless if you read it in a hurry or in the morning alongside a cup of coffe, you will know the content you read will be composed of my unaltered opinions.


Fashion: Some may believe that ‘Fashion’ only means “what’s trending now, speaking about clothes”, when ‘Fashion’ actually reffers to anything that is trending in a certain moment, even if we talk about clothes or gadgets etc. Fashion Blog Romania

Travel & Restaurants Reviews

Travel: Articles or Reviews about places I’ve been to. Restaurants, Hotels, Countries and much more… Travel Blog Romania


Lifestyle: A complex domain, containing articles about style, personal touch or inspirational livings. Lifestyle Blog Romania

Makeup & Beauty

Makeup & Beauty: For me, makeup is a kind of art, of course, when it’s used moderately. Well, this conception about the ‘makeup art’ might be the effect of my painting talent. Enjoy my advice and opinions about makeup and cosmetics. Makeup Beauty Blog Romania


Quotes: Quotes that represent me or original quotes made by me. Roxi Rose Quotes

Business & Social

Business & Social: Overview of our society, personal opinions based on solid arguments. Although you can find many opinions, I usually present only a few arguments because I don’t explain myself more than I find to be necessary for the comprehension of the main idea. Business Blog Romania


Cars: The passion for cars and for details derives itself from the innate passion for driving which, thanks to my father, I have been able to sustain with ambition and perseverance. I like to drive, regardless if we are talking about cars or other meanings of this word. Cars Blog Romania

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