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#CottonMeansClassy +GIVEAWAY

”In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

„Chiar dacă vorbim despre caracter, maniere, stil sau despre toate lucrurile, excelența supremă înseamnă simplitate.” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Română / English

Which news you want to read first ?? The good one or the best one? The news about the perfect cotton body that I found on the internet (finally) or about the contest? Let’s take them one at a time:

How many of us weren’t just once in the following situation: A usual morning ruined by the fact that “I have nothing to wear”… from those hundreds of clothes that I have in my wardrobe. I have discovered the secret that helps me not to be in that instance once again: I carefully choose my wardrobe basics.

A beautiful floral blouse might be worn with pleasure just today because it is new and may be once again on your friend’s birthday. But a white shirt and a pair of jeans … you’ll wear those pieces almost every day. Am I wrong? I think not. The education we receive in childhood is reflected throughout our lives and even if you believe it or not, for me personally, education has been vital in creating my wardrobe. It all started in high school in the ninth grade, when at the gym class, which you were not allowed to miss, all students were required to wear white shirts and black pants. This custom style propagates in my life even today, so now I declare myself a fan of the light-tops-with-dark-bottoms style. This combination exudes balance, shows a clean person and elegance. Rare, very rare are the days when I wear a brightly colored blouse and pale trousers or skirts… I love the colors and I adept at the same time a simple and sophisticated(an intrinsic of the first characteristics) style of dress, and therefore the color from my wardrobe is found on my dresses. The colored evening gowns saves us for a night, but the basic wardrobe items define who we are every day. Let me give you an example: Which of the two examples below inspire you credibility and elegance? The left or the right? White and black will never go out of style, and niether cotton will.



So, half of my wardrobe contains blouses (tops) in white or pastel colors, and a third of what remaind are dark bottoms. The chart below is not the result of a conservative perception but the result of a future balanced and simple vestimentary rule.


I just started a collaboration with UNICONF, a Romanian brand that has the same age as me, a conscious brand regarding the current changes in the natural, social and economic environments. UNICONF manages to create such high-quality underwear from 100% natural cotton and their prices are really competitive. And they realized that the secret of well-being is hiding under people’s clothes and so were born their products which are skin friendly.

Our most beloved piece from our wardrobe is that piece that we had for years, that you washed it many times and still you feel good, and the material was not nappy. Am I right? I also have a number of veterans items, and I recently added another one: a white “healthy” cotton body.

I love the body due to several reasons:

  • I was taught by my mother to cover my “back” not to be cold and simply because I ought not to have a messy appearance. Sounds familiar??
  • I could never stand people who bends and thus expose their underwear and let you see what only they should see. The body thus, provides “protection for those embarrassing moments.” 😉
  • A simple body goes with everything: skirts, pants, shirts etc.
  • It advantages waist.

Simply, the body gets you rid of any clothing concerns, thus leaving you free to concentrate on the important everyday stuff. These are the reasons why a body is my first choice when it comes to my business attire. The city is a jungle, and businesses and problems won’t solve from the desk, but you must learn to be spontaneous and relaxed at the same time. Be it paying bills, going to the post or dinving sporty, rule number one is to stay calm. Cotton is the best friend of human skin, is the product which mother nature gaves us. The wellbeing and the calm can be found in nature, and if we can not go to live in the woods, at least we can wear a piece of cotton. Unfortunately, we increasingly choose synthetics, but every time we return to cotton, we can hardly break-up with the good feeling that it gaves us.

But there is a problem… I do not shop in real life, only online and do not agree to pay 20 lei for shipping of a body that jumps a hundred lei… and I think that neither you would, which is why I hadn’t such an item in my wardrobe until I discovered UNICONF online store. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes how low their prices were and I say this sincerely, and if you don’t believe, go look by yourself. All woman lingerie range between 6 and 44 lei! My body was 29 lei, how about this? And it is made of a thick cotton, as I said and is not transparent at all. Of course that wasn’t the only thing I bought… the transport costs only 13 lei anywhere in the country and over 99 lei spent it becomes free, so I filled my basket with goodies, with basic pieces of cotton that I know it will pull for years.

I learned how important wardrobe basics are, from materials, colors and textures and I want to share these tricks with you, the reader. Therefore, we meet twice a month on the brand’s Instagram profile UNICONF, where I will briefly narrate my advice. My entry has the following name “Means Classy Cotton” and you can find it directly on their profile or simply by searching the hashtag #ClassyMeansCotton. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” for real, and so I invite you to join me on Instagram from today to talk about elegance and its foundations. Moreover, every month we meet here on Blog to talk about the most beautiful pieces of cotton and how we can wear them in inspired combinations.

And now, here comes the surprise:


Together with Uniconf I want to give you a Voucher of 50 lei value so you can spend it on high-quality underwear! The contest is very simple: All you have to do if you wish to have a chance to win the products, is to follow me and Uniconf on Instagram. Only condition is that you should live in Romania. Let’s start here, it’s simple:

Step 1. Press the Follow/Urmareste button on Uniconf’s profile:

Step 2. Press the Follow/Urmareste button on My profile:

Step 3. Comment on this image “I’ll join” or “particip” and then repost the image on your profile.

Comment on this image “I’ll join” or “particip”, as you want. It is important to write such a comment because this is the way in which we will choose the winner, by giving every comment a number. 😉 With this App is the easiest: You install it (it will be useful to you in the future), open Instagram, you copy the share URL from the picture from my profile and you paste it the Repost for Instagram App. Believe me, it’s more simple than it looks like. 😉

Te-ai întrebat vreodată cât de important este bumbacul în garderobă? Ce piese vestimentare ar trebui să avem în dulap pentru ca bazele garderobei să fie bine fundamentate?? Împreună cu Uniconf v-am pregătit cele mai bune sfaturi pe blog ( ) și un super concurs! Tot ce trebuie sa faci dacă dorești sa câștigi 50 de lei de cheltuit pe lenjerie de corp de calitate este să urmezi pașii: ✔ 1. Follow @roxi.rose și @uniconf ✔ 2. Scrie "particip" într-un comentariu la aceasta imagine. ✔ 3. Repostează imaginea aceasta pe profitul tău! În data de 22 iunie anunțăm câștigătoarea pe blog! 🙋🎉 . . . #fashion #fashionblog #fashionblogger #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #lifestyleblog #personalblog #influencer #style #uniconf #uniconflenjerie #classymeanscotton #roxirose #romania #timisoara #concurs #giveaway #roses #desk #fromtheabove #blackberry #blackberrypriv #giveawayromania #concursromania

A post shared by ROXI ROSE 🌹 Curly Blogger (@roxi.rose) on

After you followed the steps from above, you will wait until 22nd of JUNE, the date we will announce the winner!

I just entered the and I searched for some examples of what you can buy for 50 lei:


In fact you will be able to get more things than the pictures, as all outfits are under 50 lei. And if you can not decide, it’s not a problem, because you can pay the difference and you will receive a reduction of 50 lei.

So, I invite you to participate in the competition, and may the lucky one to win !!

As for me, I chose to wear my new body in a combination as simple as possible with a pair of easy-breazy bleumarine knee pants and a green military bag. I accessorized the outfit with a clock and a pair of earrings, and si I have designed a perfect outfit for this weather: in transition. It rains, it’s windy, the sun shines, neither do we know what’s next.. Because the body is white, it repels the sun heat and because it’s attached to the body, I am not cold. The cotton is breathable and makes me feel extremely comfortable. So this is my transitional business outfit. Enjoy!










semn black sign roxi rose

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